i know it's probably disgusting to keep hearing, but i'm truly amazed at how much minou has enriched our lives...still at some point early early early before the alarm goes off, i'm awakened by nuzzles and licks and purrs from her. she has her say, then wanders off again to let me snooze til the alarm finally goes off.

clio is not nearly as amused. she and the cat haven't played as much lately as they did last week or even the week before, and clio does seem to be having some "older sibling" issues. unfortunately, i don't really know how to help her with those. she gets fawned over just as much as she did before, she does still get quality time with both mom and dad...but it's still a different atmosphere here, and she's not wild about it. i think it's finally sunk in that the cat is not just visiting.

being a cat - a growing one, at that - minou sleeps a lot...more now even than when she first arrived. my theory chalks that up to feeling like she really is home and can relax.

just a few minutes ago, minou was asleep in the man's recliner and i took clio out for our midday outting. minou is *fascinated* by the fact that i take clio outside. unfortunately, between that and the living room window making a reappearance after the christmas tree came down means that she tried to rush me at the door the other day. not good. but i digress...

usually when we come back in, she's wide awake and staring at the door, eagerly awaiting our return. today was no exception. so i unhooked clio, scritched the kitty under her chin, and went to my desk to get back to work. before i got the chance to sit down, the cat had already leapt up and claimed my chair and was purr-meowing to me...i picked her up and snuggled her still sleepy self and got the slit-eyed "i'm so tiiiiiiiiiiiiired" look from her. she started purring like a motorboat and licked my nose and my cheek to say hi. then she stood up, stretched, and jumped down next to clio.

wandered up to clio's face, mewing quietly, and proceeded to lick clio on the nose.
melts me that the cat grooms the dog... :D

soon i'm sure that clio will bend to all the love and affection radiating from the cat, but for now...baby steps... :)

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