dooce on bzzagent!!!

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oh my goodness...how surprised was i to log into bzzagent this morning and find dooce featured in the frogpond!! the frogpond is an area of the site where you can visit different websites that are publicizing through bzzagent and then rate them. i've found some pretty interesting sites and services through there, and was thrilled to see dooce featured. i've loved reading her since i first discovered blogs and blogging years ago, and i hope that her readership increases exponentially through her association with bzzagent.

i'm pretty positive anybody who stumbles here already knows about the great and wondrous dooce, but to see her in bzzagent was truly fabulous. in case you haven't heard of bzzagent, they are a word of mouth marketing company. i was already planning to post about them, but this took the cake today and superceded my silly little free sonicare toothbrush. (freeeeee, i tell you...freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!)

word of mouth is of course the optimum form of advertising. manufacturers and providers can say everything they want about a product or service, but if your best friend tells you something sucks, you tend to believe her instead of the hype.

the main idea behind bzzagent is that you have the opportunity to sign up for different campaigns in which you're able to try a product or a service. you'll usually receive a "bzzkit" in the mail, and then you "bzz" to people about your experiences, good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant.

the first campaign that i signed up for was for listerine whitening strips. they sent me several strips for myself to try, and many more to hand out to friends and family to try. there were also some coupons for the full-sized version. (want some? i think i still have some....)

since then, i've been able to sign up for a campaign to try carbonite, a campaign where i was sent several tubes of lypsyl to try and to give away to others, and - my favorite - the sonicare toothbrush campaign.

the sonicare campaign was to promote the new flexcare toothbrush with the - wait for it - built-in UV sanitizer. be still my heart...

i so very love this toothbrush. the man already had a sonicare brush, and although i could've gotten a spare head and tried his, i just never really felt comfortable taking over his toothbrush experience. silly, i know. so anyway...this toothbrush? freaking rocks. it's got all of these different brush settings, although i primarily use the sensitive setting. and the UV sanitizer?? omg, so way beyond nifty...the brush heads fit into this little case, and you just push the button and it cleans your brush head...easy peasy. we finally got the man a brush head on friday, so he's been able to use "the sacred toothbrush" finally. even as a long time sonicare user, he's been pretty impressed with it thus far as well. plus he loves to push the UV button...

i would say something pithy about boys and gadgets, but hell, i'm worse...

i might've had a point when i first started this post, but i think i might've gotten myself distracted...eeep...i have coupons still for sonicare toothbrushes ($10 off!) and some still for the whitening strips and the lypsyl, so if anyone is interested, drop me a line at cjh518 at gmail dot com or just leave a comment...



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