litter boxes...exciting stuff!

i have so very found what i want for my next major gift-receiving holiday. behold:



you can read all about its wonderfulness here...and you can watch videos! of it being wonderful!! i spent way too much time there recently.

i've also spent way too much time thinking about litter boxes. and their cleaning.

minou isn't hideous with her litter box - actually from horror stories i've heard over the years, she's actually pretty kind to us. but it still isn't much fun. clio is *appalled* that we allow the cat to do these things in.the.house. she's a neat freak, my clio girl...bless her heart for having lived with *me* all these years...

today we got some of the litter that this box uses so we can do a "test run" as it were and see if even just the litter on its own does what i need it to do...because i've become a freak about the litter box. not because i'm mean, but because i feel bad for the cat. i mean, if she could clean it out, i'm sure she would. and i wouldn't want to go into a dirty box to do *my* business, so...i'm sympathetic. i mean, i've seen convenience store bathrooms when i've really needed to go. i *totally* sympathize.

it may seem i don't toot clio's horn enough lately, so let me take this opportunity to say that she gets more and more accepting of the cat's weird ways every day...she's truly a saint, my little girl. and she has never ever ever approached the litter box as a buffet table. thank you, oh great heavens above...you cannot imagine how grateful i am of this fact. tomorrow...a clio post... (and the world gagged)

last night... *le sigh* ...the man and i were in bed for our normal evening "tv snuggle time" and clio was in her normal position, passed out at the foot of the bed. minou jumped up with all of us, snuggled between the man and clio and proceeded to nap as well. there we were, all four of us, snuggled on the bed watching tv and/or sleeping...ahhhhhhhhh....family time...precious stuff... :)



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