tales of the minou

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the kitten is - how do you say...oh yes! - a trip and a damned half.

this morning i was awakened before dawn to her rubbing her face into my chin and cheeks and licking my face and hands. quite a feat, since i sleep face planted into my pillow. all the while purring like an outboard motor. she has yet to deliberately scratch any of us, but i managed to scratch myself by trying to pull my hand out from under her massive 2 pound weight. all the while, she's purring and rubbing. apparently i got boring, and she wandered off to torment the dog. i woke this morning to find her sleeping on the man...see, too cute.

i haven't had a cat around since i was a kid, and even that wasn't for long. apparently my family has always been too dog-like for true cats. i've always loved cats, and been fascinated by them, but as far as pets, even on my own it's always been dogs. i've had pets since literally before i was born. probably i was trying to play with the dog in utero.

the man, on the other hand, has always primarily had cats. some dogs, but mostly cats. and when we met, he had a cat. there's a long, looooong story about why he doesn't have a cat *now*, but i'll save that one for another time. (no, i didn't make him get rid of it, honest...)

minou arrived because i knew that although he loves clio to no end, and she adores him...there was a cat-shaped hole in the vicinity of the man's heartal region. i was apprehensive - even though i was the one who suggested a kitten - because i know that clio adores humans, not so much other four legged creatures.

we really went looking at the right time for all of us...minou loves both of us, loves to be petted and sometimes held, minou *adores* clio, and clio tolerates minou...it's win-win all around...

we found a great place for her food. actually, my mom suggested it, and it's worked out well. her food is in our tiny laundry room, and at night i can halfway close the folding door to keep clio out and still allow minou to access her food. i know, i'm supposed to keep her food away from stuff that can scare her...but she's been fine with it thus far. really, not much startles her, even at 5 months old. should i be afraid of that for later??

anyway, there's a swiffer mop propped between the wall and the dryer, right there at the doorway. yesterday, i noticed that the bottom had slid forward, halfway in the doorway. i thought, must move that...must get it out of minou's way. so i did. this morning, the damned thing had slid forward again. again, my thoughts are, get it outta the cat's way. i'm getting the man's coffee and lunch ready shortly after, and i hear, "slide...slide....WHACK..."

i turn in time to catch minou's mighty paw wrapped around the bottom - which is actually the top, since i have it sitting on its handle - of the swiffer, pulling it forward into the doorway and leaving it there in all its diagonal glory. apparently, we've installed safety-slash-early warning gear in our eating area.

she's fitting in amazingly well... :)


freewrite said...

you have got all domestic haven't you? :)

cricket said...

LOL...scary, innit? :D


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