*grovel, grovel, plead, plead*

hi there, internetz...i have lots of stuff to say...no, no, no, take your hands off of your ears, i won't be saying much of any of that today. no, today i have a shameless plea. listening again? groovy...

pretty please with sugar on top, go here and vote for my dog's picture? i'll be ever so grateful, and i'll even dig out a working camera - if one can be found here - and show you a picture of my prize if i'm fortunate enough to get enough folks to vote for us...well, that is jumping the gun quite a bit, i admit, but hey...power of positive thinking, right?

thanks much, internetz! *smooches*


Jay said...

Yeah well you know I already did.....*hugs*...good luck. :)

Anonymous said...

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