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the first clue you're getting your blogging mojo back? tackling a meme you weren't even tagged with... :)

via psychicgeek:

Write your tip(s) with a link to who sent the meme to you, along with the instructions. They are better if they are your own discovery, or not widely known. Still, tips that make a difference to you are all good. After your tips, you will want to tag some friends who may even be hard up for blog fodder. (As I am today) Perhaps some of your newest bloggy friends. I have several new friends who I would like to know more about.

mkay...there's gotta be some household tips around here somewhere...the cornstarch thing doesn't really count, does it? yeah...thought not.

see, i'm still relatively new still to this domesticity thing, so i don't feel like i'm exactly swimming in knowledge for others, but i'll give it a whirl.

if you don't have a bottle of lavender essential oil in your home, get one. it's relatively inexpensive, and is incredibly useful to have around. put it in a bit of warmed olive oil and you have everything from a hair conditioner to a skin lotion to a skin cleanser and makeup remover...kid you not...a drop or so is also helpful for sinus infections in that neti pot psychicgeek mentioned in her list of tips. lavender oil is one of the few oils that you can use undiluted on your skin, and it has the added bonus of being what is called an adaptogen...meaning lavender does whatever you need it to do at any given time. it's *wonderful* for burns, straight out of the bottle, dripped onto wherever you've burned yourself...not that i burn myself...daily...on whatever hot thing i'm messing with...not at all...ahem...

that's probably the best tip i've got...won't be tagging anybody just yet, so if you feel like grabbing it, please do...i need all the tips i can get! on second thought, i tag RAY, cuz she needs to start a new blog.... :D


Ray said...

This girl is devious I tell ya..


cricket said...

heh...not devious really...more like.....pushy... :D


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