i've had a post rumbling around in my head lately which has been rather distracting and caused me to just not post anything. that's how i usually end up, actually, paralyzed by doubt. but this time around, i blog guilt free...even if this is one of the few places where i manage to check my guilt at the door.

i almost created a new blog for posts of the sort taking up real estate space in my head, because i felt that, well, it probably didn't mesh well with what was already out here. then i thought, ok, well then, probably you need someplace for the recipes then. and then there's the kid stuff...and then i thought, hell, you have no real purpose behind the place anyway, so why bother to create some new url?

i've heard and read a lot lately about knowing the purpose for your blog when you start it, thereby giving you the best results, blah blah blah. so many are trying to become the next dooce. cracks me up, because i had no real intent with this the first time around other than finding my own voice. ended up selling off my original domain for about a billion zillion percent of what i paid for it. my, i had quite a bit of traffic...and traffic as they say is money.

but i never monetized anything, didn't have so much as a single ad. wasn't my purpose then, and isn't my purpose now. although i do have a lonely little adsense ad down there in the corner. *waves at text ad* was just curious since i've heard so much about it all, so figured i'd give it a whirl. i've already warned it not to get comfy down there as it probably won't be sticking around terribly long.

so i guess this is my statement of intent, to myself as much as to anyone who might stumble along here. this small cubit of web space will likely be as chaotic and diverse as i am, and i'm ok with it not being a relationship blog or a food blog or a "mom to furry kids" blog. just like i'm not any one of those things...


Jay said...

As you are well aware, I have had the same sort of nonsensical madness of My own I have been dealing with. To the point of telling you to help Me find My inner blogger. You also know that I am extremely outgoing in chat environments but am also very shy and reserved when it comes to posting something on the web for all the world to see and including those pesky "bots" which will save My words for eternity *L*...Your post here has given Me new hope that I do not have to have a purpose for My own blog but to merely use it to chronicle something I am interested in, or feel strongly about or hell, just wanna put into writing. I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head here. One needs no reason for the posts unless it is to become a professional blog with the intent to make money and that is soooo not the case with mine. Instead it will be a mishmash of scattered thoughts, things found that amuse Me or merely ramblings just as I am doing now. Thank you for posting this C.... *hugs*

cricket said...

aw sweetie...you're too kind to me... :)

i do think it's just that simple to find your "inner blogger". i've tried coming up with something more complicated to help out in that endeavor, but as we've talked about with so many other things, complicated isn't necessarily the best way to go about certain activities.

Ray said...

Hi *wave* I dont know what's up with me but I totally forgot about you having a new blog. I'm sorry! I guess I was still thinking it wasn't up and running. Anyway I'll try to be better at commenting!

I totally know what you mean about the purpose of the blog thing. That's why I've been hesitant to start another. But, I certainly ramble enough, I'll probably be able to think of something to say, lol. I'm thinking of naming it "Kinda Ridiculous" since that's no doubt what it will be. ;)

cricket said...

*waves back* awww, no worries hun, comments are always optional :) you can read guilt free too!! :D and i can state for a fact that you aren't ridiculous at all, and neither is the stuff that you say...although it is a cute name :)


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