not exactly wine and roses...

but not so terrible as the title might hint, either... :)

the stepford wife has started a weekly series - sweet wine, red roses - and as soon as i read her post, i wanted to contribute something, but i was a bit stumped. i started several posts, but tossed them as being rambling and nowhere near what i wanted to say.

then i remembered something that i wrote for jay for our "first date anniversary" this past december...we haven't technically tied the knot yet, so this is the closest thing we've got to an anniversary, but we both feel as though we're already married. (to each other, of course... *g* )

two years ago, we met for the first time...

we'd had that awful ice storm, and you'd been without power for almost a week. i was running late, a combination of nerves and poor time management, and the restaurant was packed.

we sat at the bar, talking and laughing as we waited for our table. and waited...and waited...and waited...

finally we noticed the bar area was looking pretty sparse, and the bartender asked, "um, did you guys want to order something to eat?"

we had that moment of pure synchronicity as we looked at each other, then her, and you said, "well, we've been waiting for a table, we had a reservation."

the blood rushing from her face was almost comical when she blurted out, "i'll be right back," and scurried off.

i had my suspicions, so i stood and looked over the half wall and - to my horror - spotted a mostly empty restaurant. i glanced back at you and advised, "don't stand up!"

but oh you did - and within a few short minutes we were able to laugh, and a shame-faced assistant manager seated us at a "real" table, just in time to eat before the movie.

i knew then that if we made a go of this thing, we would be able to face the tough stuff together.

and you know what? we have.

i love you, honey. more than i can tell you...

happy first date anniversary!!


Loralee Choate said...

Awe. That is sweet. My husband and I still mark the day of our first kiss. (Not always formally, but we at least give it a shout out!

cricket said...

thank you :) and awww back... :)

Jay said...

Awww, hun, you know how I felt about that page you made for Me already...and I can only say most things have improved greatly since that fateful eve. :) Now I still have to get the page linked up and working on R-2 D-2.... *grinz*

P.S. I borked R2 earlier today....*L*

cricket said...

@jay: of course they've improved...and do every day... :)

The Stepford Wife said...

Gosh, I thought I left you a comment, but apparently it didn't take!! Oh the joys of technology. :)

Thank you for participating. The beauty of your post really sums up so nicely what I was going for with my little segment. I'm so glad you took the time to participate.

And I'm glad I found this blog, I have to tell you. I can tell you and I are about to become fast friends. :)

cricket said...

@the stepford wife: ohhh yes, technology can be grand... :) you're so kind...thank you for stopping by to visit my meager contribution! :) i've been loving your blog, too, but i tend to lurk, lol...working on getting better at that. :)


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