wow. just wow.

first there was a bit of a "thought drought", but recently i've just been so busy working and trying to work and holding down various forts that i haven't really had the energy to get out here. and that sucks, because blogging always has been an outlet for me to get and keep things straight in my head.

what's on tap around here...let's see...

  • i've had some really great frugal shopping moments that i'd love to share about even if they are after the fact
  • i've been sent two or three really awesome samples that i want to sit down and write some worthwhile reviews about
  • i need to get more mentally organized in terms of menu planning and such, especially considering my schedule is so freaky of late, and that may be something that i can do here to not only get/keep it organized but also give me that measure of accountability that i always seem to need
  • time. i had some...now where did i put it??
and on that note, it's time for me to pull dinner out of the crockpot and get the dog, the cat and the man fed...


foop said...

I just wanted to say ... (let me get back to you on that).

Rebecka said...

I saw you had commented me waaaaaaay back. I couldn't get back to your blog from your link.. But anyway, nice blog.. come back to mine. I have a new look.

cricket said...

thank you both for stopping by :)


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