menu plan monday!

in keeping with my "to do" list, here's what (tentatively) we've got going in terms of our weekly menu:

monday: chicken alfredo (no recipe, using last week's roast chicken leftovers and bottled alfredo sauce)
tuesday: pork roast, veggies, mashed potatoes
wednesday: "chicken stroganoff" with rice
thursday: beefy mac skillet (from the campbell's kitchen meal mail that i can't remember exactly how i signed up...probably just from a link on their site)
friday: leftovers (or "breakfast for dinner", whichever is most appealing by then)
saturday: dijon rice and egg skillet (i found this recipe on the incredible egg site, i don't think it'll let me link to it directly, but i will likely reproduce the recipe here if it's any good...very like a sopa seca recipe - never mind, the link works now! *happy dance*)
sunday: whole roast chicken, veggies, rice

visit menu plan monday over at the organizing junkie's blog for more ideas!

hopefully this becomes an easy habit for me to keep...happy "menuing", all!


Mommychicky said...

Welcome to MPM! Eggs have their own website? That figures, everyone else does.

Thanks for sharing your menu and have a great week!

cricket said...

thank you so much for the warm welcome! :) i know, right? who knew eggs could type... :D

Bobbie said...

Welcome to MPM! I hope you will really enjoy yourself hanging around here. Its a great place to find a lot of good recipes. I, too like to use leftovers for another meal- like roast chicken in the alfredo sauce. So clever.

cricket said...

thank you, bobbie, for the welcome as well! i'm still learning how to "recycle" leftovers...roast chicken is my favorite to reconfigure, for some reason...still learning how to make roasts and meatloaves look/taste/act like something else... :D

Anonymous said...

You have a great menu for the week! How's it going so far (Wednesday)?

Do you roast your own chicken or purchase a roasted one? If you (time, spices, etc.)? How long does it take?



cricket said...

hi allie, thanks for stopping by, you're so kind!! so far the menu is working out well, and hubby has tossed out some ideas he's wanting us to try in next week's menu...so good results are coming from this! :) last night's dinner was really great, in fact, planning to post the "recipe" i ended up with that produced such great results.

for the chicken, i've inherited my mom's 4 qt nesco roaster since she doesn't use it much anymore...i, however, use it ALL the time lol...basically i've been getting whole chickens for super cheap, around 4 - 5 pounds, and i rub with a smidge of olive oil and salt and pepper - haven't branched out yet to other seasonings, because that tends to make for a lovely finished product - then roast at about 350 for anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on size of the bird, etc. i've been using a meat thermometer to verify "doneness"...much longer answer than you were looking for, i'm sure, lol...


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